Twitter Mentions (Yahoo Pipes)

There are many Twitter tools now that allow you to access multiple Twitter accounts at once but there is no tool available that I know of that give you an at-a-glance overview of Twitter RT mentions across multiple Twitter accounts. This pipe is created specifically to serve this purpose.

Enter a list of Twitter accounts that you wish to track and the pipe dishes out all the Twitter mentions in a list, with the author's name prepended before the feed item title so you can see them at a glance who tweeted about you!

See this in action at Twitter Mentioms SML Universe



Source: How it works


User Input

Use the Text Input module to input a space-delimited list of Twitter accounts to track, and break the list down into individual items using the String Tokenizer module.

Create Twitter Search URL

Use the Loop module with the URL Builder to create the Twitter mention URL in this syntax:

Fetch Feed

Use the Loop module with the Fetch Feed module to get all the items and then emit all results.

Prepend Twitter author to item title

Use the Rename module to map all to TwAuthor, then use the Regex module to replace Twitter URL to @author format. Loop through the feed and use the String Builder to prepend author's name to the item.title.


Sometimes the search returns multiple results if multiple accounts were referenced by the tweet. Use the Unique module to filter non-unique items based on and item.title.

Sort and output

Use the Sort module to order results by item.pubDate in descending order so the latest always appear first.

In Action

Pipe in action using @smluniverse @smlbw @smlfineart @smlmen @smlviz @smlflickr @lifecelebrates @smlgfxdesign @seeminglee as input:

{"module":"feed\/FeedModule","params":{"src":"http:\/\/\/smlpipes\/twittermentions\/smluniverse","module_body":"* %%linked_title%% %%date%%"}}

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