SML Thank You

The geeky way of recording and remembering kindness and generosity from other people.


The pipe


Sample output


How it works

Fetch Feeds

Use the Fetch Feeds module and grab the feeds from multiple sources that require no filtering

  • RSS
  • FriendFeed Search: #smlthankyou from:seeminglee RSS
  • FriendFeed Search: thanks from:seeminglee service:twitter RSS
  • FriendFeed Search: intitle:#smlthankyou from:seeminglee service:twitter RSS

Fetch Feeds and Filter

Use the Fetch Feeds module and grab feeds from sources then permit items only when descriptions or titles contains the word "thank"

YQL: SML Flickr Search

Use the YQL module to select photo items from SML using NSID where text and comments contains the word "thank" (which includes "thanks" and "thank you" etc)

select * from where user_id="[email protected]" and text="thank"

YQL: Flickr Search

Use the YQL module to select photo items from the entire Flickr where text contains "SML Thank You"
I frequently comment "SML Thank You" on people's stream so that's a way to pull those photos

select * from where text="sml thank you"

Flickr Search

The YQL pulls 10 at a time, here's one way to pull even more.

Find 999 images of "SML Thank You"

Union: Feed Join

Join all the data sources together into a single feed using the Union module.

Unique: Filter non-unique items based on

There are multiple items that may be fetched from multiple data sources that are the same. Filter the results based on the link of the item to ensure they are unique by using the Unique module.

Sort: Date Descending

Use the Sort module to sort items in reverse-chronological order based on the published date, i.e. newest first.


Voila. Pipe output. You can see the output at SML Thank You on this wiki.

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