Friendfeed Truncate Author

I use FriendFeed to feed some of my Twitter feeds. The problem is that when I do that, the Twitter feed also contains the author (my name) which is very annoying. This pipe takes the URL of a FriendFeed and truncates the usename entered from the title.


The SML Fine Art (FriendFeed) grabs content from the following Flickr Groups pool:

It is a public FriendFeed group and anyone can post and add their content.


SML Fine Art's Twitter feed uses TwitterFeed as a service to then post those contents (which include the group pool as well as posted FriendFeed content) onto Twitter as tweets. The problem is, when I post stuff to the group, the tweets ended up having my full name displayed as well, which is very annoying, as it looks as if I'm doing personal promotion - and also takes up way too much space for the 140 character limit:


This Yahoo Pipe is created specifically to solve that issue.



Register user inputs

Two User Input modules for the FriendFeed URL and name to truncate.

Constructs the RSS feed URL used for processing

The URL Builder takes the FriendFeedURL and construct the atom feed used for the Fetch Feed module.

Split and process

Use the Split module to split the feed into two halves:

  1. Filter module: permit items which item.title's contains the username
  2. Filter module: block items which item.title's contains the username

Truncate username

Use the Regex module and remove all the text from the beginning til the first instance of : from the item's title using non-greedy search.


Join, sort and output

Use the Union module to join the two feeds, then Sort by item's pubDate and Output!

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