Twitter Commands

Lists of Twitter Commands

  • @username message: sends a message to this person (publicly)
  • d username message: sends a direct message to this person (privately)
  • fav username: marks latest tweet from this person as a favorite.
  • follow username: receive updates from this person
  • followers: displays list of your followers
  • get: gets recent updates from all your friends
  • get username: displays latest update from this person
  • help: displays commands
  • invite 212-555-2787 John: send text invites to John
  • leave username: removes updates from this person
  • nudge username: poke this person to update
  • on: enables Twitter updates
  • on username: enables Twitter updates for this person
  • off: disables Twitter updates
  • off username: disables Twitter updates for this person
  • stats: statistics of your Twitter account
  • tracks: displays a list of keywords you are tracking
  • track keyword: start tracking a keyword
  • track off: stops tracking all words
  • untrack all:
  • untrack keyword: stop tracking a keyword
  • whois username: displays information about this person


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