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See-ming Lee's portfolio in interactive media.

Synergy of Business = Design + Technology + Marketing Strategy

SML Projects = See-ming Lee + Projects

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See also SML Information Design, SML InfoVis, SML Collection (Flickr Collection), SML Projects: Design (Flickr Collection), SML Projects: Photography (Flickr collection).

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Analytical Parcheesi
Redesign of the Parcheesi game board which functions both as instruction and the board itself. Other Projects

AOL Broadband Experience Modules Proof Of Concepts
Client: AOL Agency: IconNicholson Year: 2003 Team: Robert Fisher, See-ming Lee SML Roles: Concept, Interaction Design, Design, Flash Development FoldUnfold Table of Contents Gallery AOL Lightbox...

AOL Weather Channel Redesign
Redesign for AOL Weather channel. Other Projects Customer Experience Strategy Interactive Demo
Client: AOL Project: AOL web strategy + interactive prototype Year: 2004 Agency: IconNicholson SML Roles: IxD, Design, Flash Development Creative Director: Robert Fisher FoldUnfold Table of...

Bank Of America Application UI Guide
Bank of America sought to unify their internal securities applications in preparation for offering them to external, institutional clients. After establishing project principles with corporate brand...

BMS Reyataz Soundjam
Bristol-Myers Squibb approached IconNicholson to create rich media advertising units and landing pages to go with the “Fight HIV Your Way” ad campaign for Reyataz, an HIV/AIDS medication. The result...

BMS Sustiva Ad Campaigns
Rich media ad campaigns for Sustiva, an HIV medication by a Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). Roles: Art direction, design, flash development. FoldUnfold Table of Contents Campaign 1: Goals Campaign 2:...

Carini Lang Web Site 2005-2007
Agency: Duplexlab SML Roles: Interaction Design, Flash Development (Flash 7 / AS2) Demo: Other Projects

Duplexlab Web Site 2004-2007
Demo: SML Roles Interaction Design Flash Development (Flash 7 / AS2) Awards Graphis Interactive Annual 3, 2005. Flickr...

EMI Music Publishing Web Site Redesign
EMI Music Publishing is the largest music publisher in the world. In 2003, the company sought a new business-to-business site that to allow EMI-MP to build a two-way relationship with its customers....
An unbranded portal for pharmaceutical companies Other Projects

HMHnyc Store Conceptualized as an innovative way to browse through a catalog of products, the HMHNYC online store was designed to condense an entire e-commerce site on one single...

IconIntranet was designed in 2001 as the global intranet for IconMedialab (now LBi International), the parent company of IconNicholson. This was a fun project for me as I love designing for content...

IconMedialab Website Redesign
Website redesign for IconMedialab Design Other Projects

Jen Chen + Peter Evans Wedding 360
Wedding Invitations for the wedding of Jen Chen and Peter Evans. The design is my interpretation of the marriage between the two cultures (Chinese vs Western) and their unique sensibilities and...

Light To Unite 2006
Light to Unite is an annual campaign created by Bristol-Myers Squibb to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in the U.S. The site raises money by allowing visitors to light...

Mastercard Advisors Business Intelligence Portal
MasterCard Advisors, the professional services arm of MasterCard Worldwide, approached IconNicholson to design the user interface for PortfolioAnalytics, a secure business intelligence portal which...

Morgan Stanley Van Kampen Ad Campaigns
Concept: Folders // Other Projects
Virtual Closet Functionality 2001 / See-ming Lee / IconNicholson

Project Rebirth Web Site Redesign
Project Rebirth provides real time access to ongoing World Trade Center reconstruction activities and events. My role in this project was to design the interaction and to develop the XML-driven...

Regus Group Web Site Redesign
Regus Group is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, offering offices, meeting rooms and virtual offices across 400 cities in 70 countries. The group comprises of three brand sites:...

SML Information Design
Information design / infographics by See-ming Lee. Sort order: newest first! See also SML Information Design 李思明信息設計 (Flickr set) FoldUnfold Table of Contents Projects How to maintain a...

SML InfoVis
Information Visualization using large data sets by See-ming Lee. Sort order: newest first! See also SML Information Design FoldUnfold Table of Contents Most Interesting SML Flickr: Synergy in...

Social Retailing
Social Retailing (SM) is a concept created by IconNicholson for Nanette Lepore in 2007. It was conceptualized in late 2006 and unveiled at the annual National Retail Federation Show in 2007 (NRF07)....

Web Vomit Prototype With Reed Kram Rem Koolhaas
To realize Prada’s vision for a new shopping experience, IconNicholson was engaged in a unique collaboration to lead the development of the new Manhattan store – the first of its kind. Working in...


IxD = Interaction Design
IA = Information Architecture
Dev = Development

Thumbnail Project Design IxD / IA Dev Agency
flickr:930210765 Analytical Parcheesi Design IA SML Universe
flickr:2159133215 Customer Experience Strategy + Interactive Demo Design IA Dev IconNicholson
flickr:992178889 AOL Broadband Experience Modules Proof of Concepts IxD Dev IconNicholson
flickr:930688447 AOL Weather Channel Redesign Design IconNicholson
flickr:3928498429 Bank of America UI Style Guide Design IconNicholson
flickr:3928527693 BMS Light to Unite 2006 Design IxD Dev IconNicholson
flickr:969810738 BMS Reyataz SoundJam Design IxD Dev IconNicholson
flickr:2133836949 BMS Sustiva Ad Campaigns Design IconNicholson
flickr:980509907 Carini Lang Web Site 2005-2007 IxD Dev SML Universe
flickr:981415552 Duplexlab Web Site 2004-2007 IxD Dev SML Universe
flickr:930595954 EMI Music Publishing Web Site Redesign Design IconNicholson
flickr:929789480 Design IconNicholson
flickr:1663418138 HMHnyc Store Design IxD Dev SML Universe
flickr:929208195 iClassics Design IconNicholson
IconMedialab Website Redesign Design IconNicholson
flickr:2568041925 IconNicholson: Social Retailing(SM) Concept IxD IconNicholson
flickr:1330040294 Jen Chen + Peter Evans Wedding 360 Design SML Universe
flickr:944669629 MasterCard Advisors Business Intelligence Portal Design IconNicholson
flickr:1093113387 Morgan Stanley Van Kampen Ad Campaigns Design IconNicholson
flickr:1347976000 Prada Web 'Vomit' prototype IxD Dev IconNicholson
flickr:1436282006 Project Rebirth Web Site Redesign IxD Dev IconNicholson
flickr:931446670 Rare Wine Co Conceptual Architecture IA IconNicholson
flickr:1066480184 Regus Group Web Site Redesign Design IconNicholson

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