SML Appendectomy

SML Appendectomy = See-ming Lee + Appendectomy

  • 2007.12.03: Nothing to eat at home and bought a happy meal while walking the dog. had my first sip of coke in at least a year.1
  • 2007.12.04: Had a mystery stomachache. Can't figure out what's wrong. Thought it must have to do with my visit to McDonald's that evening before.
  • 2007.12.06: Tummy hurts for 2 days in a row.2
  • 2007.12.07: Stomachache was so bad that I stayed home for the whole day and did not go to work
  • 2007.12.08T03:00: Sent urgent email to sister and Gregory Hull for assistance to rush to hospital
  • 2007.12.08T10:00: Gregory Hull received email and rushed over to take cab with SML to the Brooklyn Hospital
  • 2007.12.08T15:00: Drank nasty liquid for CT scan
  • 2007.12.08T17:00: Had an CT scan. Doctors think that it's an appendicitis and decided that I'd need surgery
  • 2007.12.08T18:00: Sister finally got wind that I am hospital and got to my hospital
  • 2007.12.08T19:00: We have jointly decided that it's best for me to switch to a better hospital for surgery so I signed myself out against medical advice, hop on a car service and get on my way to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Cornell Weill Medical Center
  • 2007.12.08T19:35: Arrived at Cornell med school Emergency Room.
  • 2007.12.08T20:00: Admitted into Emergency Room and get preferential treatment because MSL called ahead to explain the severity of the situation
  • 2007.12.08T21:00: Met with [insert name here] nurse practitioner who has been extremely helpful. Got IV'ed. Drank for nasty liquid for MRI scan.
  • 2007.12.08T22:00: Spoke with Vanessa Ho (resident surgeon) for another round for CT scan.
  • 2007.12.08T23:00: Did another round of CT scan. Surgery is certain that I had appendicitis rupture.
  • 2007.12.09T00:30: Rushed to Operating Room (OR). Coolest indoor structure seen by my eyes. Totally loving it. Cooler than Mission Impossible 3.
  • 2007.12.09T01:00: Procedure started officially.
  • 2007.12.09T01:30: Surgery completed.
  • 2007.12.09T14:39: Found a computer next to my bed at ER, signed onto Twitter and broadcasted to the world of my where abouts:
    • stomachache turned out to be very major last week. appendix removed through surgery on saturday3
    • i'm at cornell medical center. 58st + york ave. IMPORTANT: i won't be able to work for another 1 week4 which is grossly understated. Correction: I had to be in hospital for at least one week and cannot be back to work for another 6 weeks.
  • 2007.12.11: Received flowers from IconNicholson
  • 2007.12.12: Received flowers from John Frazier.
  • 2007.12.12: Annoyed about not being able to eat.5

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