Rhinebeck 2007

IconNicholson has been holding its annual company picnic at Tom Nicholson's country hide-out at Rhinebeck since 1996. The 2007 party was held on October 6th to October 7th, 2007.


Photographs taken by Iconites at the event. Enjoy!

Ann Neilsen / Photographer

Kodak Gallery: Ann Nielsen

David Kroner / Photographer

Photographs from Flickr: kronerda: Sets: Rhinebeck Fall 2007


See-ming Lee / Photographer

Photographs from Flickr: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML: Tags: Rhinebeck 2007, sorted by interestingness.

{"module":"wiki\/image\/FlickrGalleryModule","params":{"sort":"interesting-desc","userName":"See-ming Lee \u674e\u601d\u660e SML","tags":"Rhinebeck2007","perPage":"20"}}

Simon Metz / Photographer

Simon Metz: Photos: IconNicholson Rhinebeck 2007

Trevor MacDermid / Photographer

Photographs from Flickr: Ten Miss: Sets: Rhinebeck Fall 2007


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