iClassics.com is a unit of Universal Music and an e-Commerce business focused on classical music. The Web site features content from diverse global labels like Universal, EMI, Sony, BMG, Harmonia-Mundi and Telarc.

IconNicholson developed a new global brand identity and redesigned the U.S.-only Web site.


SML Roles: Art Direction / Lead Design

Design Concept 1

Design Concept 2

Design Concept 3

Other projects with these tags: design

BMS Light to Unite For World Aids Day 2006
Light to Unite is an annual campaign created by Bristol-Myers Squibb to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in the U.S. The site raises money by allowing visitors to light...

Iconmedialab Website Redesign
Website redesign for IconMedialab http://iconmedialab.com Design

Aol Broadband Experience Modules Proof Of Concepts
Client: AOL Agency: IconNicholson Year: 2003 Team: Robert Fisher, See-ming Lee SML Roles: Concept, Interaction Design, Design, Flash Development Gallery AOL Lightbox Concept + Interactive Proof-of...

Jen Chen + Peter Evans Wedding 360
Wedding Invitations for the wedding of Jen Chen + Peter Evans / 2004-2005 / SML http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeminglee/sets/72157601875989918/ Collection Announcement Card (Save the Date) ...

Analytical Parcheesi
Redesign of the Parcheesi game board which functions both as instruction and the board itself.

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