Most Useful Greasemonkey Scripts

Now that I play with Linux a lot and trying out different distro, I find myself having to install Firefox and Greasemonkey Scripts often, so I've decided to put them all together so I won't need to search for them each time. This is a collection of GM Scripts that I use all the time. I hope that you will find it useful as well.

If you know of any other useful scripts. Leave a comment below so I can check them out!

AutoPagerize automatically generate never-ending scrolls for many different sites, including, Google, Flickr, FriendFeed and more. Very useful. Never page again!


Add Referrer to Comments
This is a small script that will add a small text at the end of your comment saying where you come from. If everyone starts using this script, then it will be easy to see where the people have found your photos and how they got to comment on it.

Flickr AllSizes+
Quickly access all sizes for a Flickr photo. Copy the photo's HTML (or BB Code), download the image sizes, and more. The script has customisable settings and auto-updates itself.

Flickr Buddy Icon Reply
It adds "(reply with name, icon, icon&name)" links at each of the comments under your photo. When you click on the link, the buddy icon html code will be added into the Add your comment box, where you can show nicely who your replies are directed at. Experiment with preview and you will get the hang of formatting your replies in no time. (Should work on photo and discussion thread pages).

Multi Group Sender
It overrides the flickr "Send to Group" button above your photo/video and lets you send your Flickr image or video to multiple groups simultaneously
Version: 3.1 11-Jun-2008

Title + Description Batch Tools

This GreaseMonkey script adds 7 new tools to the batch operations page, which you can get to by going to the Organiser, selecting the images you want to edit, then go to the edit photos menu then select "titles tags and descriptions"

Heres the 7 links that are added at the top of the page and a description of what each one does:

  1. clicking "Append text to title" link, pops up a user prompt and then appends the entered text to all titles in batch
  2. "Append text to description" link, pops up a user prompt and then appends the entered text to all descriptions in batch
  3. "down arrow graphic" (26336389_49b5e71d9f_m.jpg) next to first title input box, copies that title to all other images in batch
  4. "down arrow graphic" (26336389_49b5e71d9f_m.jpg) next to first description input box, copies that description to all other images in batch
  5. "down arrow graphic" (26336389_49b5e71d9f_m.jpg) next to first tags input box, copies those tags to all other images in batch
  6. Search + Replace Titles, asks you to enter the text you wish to replace, and the text that you wish to replace it with,it then performs the replacement.
  7. Search + Replace Descriptions, asks you to enter the text you wish to replace, and the text that you wish to replace it with, it then performs the replacement.

Once you have finished editing the titles, descriptions and tags, you need to click the save button at the bottom of the page to save the changes you have made

N.B Theres a bug that means sometimes the "down arrow" graphics dont show up, to remedy this, just click the "Show arrows" link.

SML Wiki: Tools

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Image Resize
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SML Calendar
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Twitter Mentions (Yahoo Pipes)
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Yahoo Pipes
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