Meta Search Alerts


Aggregates search results into a single feed which can be subscribed to in an RSS reader.


Here's a screenshot of the pipe:



This Yahoo Pipe does the following:

  1. Aggregates these search results simultaneously:
  2. Filters the results and ensures that the links are unique.
  3. Sorts the results by date such that the latest addition onto the pool will appear at the top of the list.

In other words, it acts as an RSS feed alerts for all these search engines.


  • To utilize this well, use dashes '-' in place of space ' ' such that the tags will be valid for

Change Log

  • 2007-10-28T00:45-04:00
    • Added DateFormatter to unify date source
  • 2007-10-27T16:21-04:00
    • Added Flickr tags as a source of searches
  • 2007-10-27T16:15-04:00
    • Added tags as a source of searches
  • 2008-05-29

Meta Search Alerts in action

Here's the pipe in action logging activities scooped from the Web of itself :)

Run Pipe... | Subscribe to feed

{"module":"feed\/FeedModule","params":{"src":"http:\/\/\/metasearchalerts\/metasearchalerts","module_body":"* %%linked_title%% \/ %%long%% \/ %%date%%"}}

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