Image Resize

When scaling down images, apply small doses of USM afterwards to prevent blurriness.


Down-sampling examples

See interactive application at bottom of page comparing these different algorithms

  • IrfanView 3.91
  • IrfanView 3.91 + sharpen (20)
  • Qimage Pre 309
  • QI 310 Low-AA
  • QI 310 Med-AA
  • QI 310 High-AA
  • Photoshop "sharper"
  • Photoshop "bicubic"
  • Photoshop "bicubic"+USM
  • ImageMagick Lanczos
  • ImageMagick Lanczos+USM

Image Resizing for Web and Email

The ideal solution is to use a sinc or lanczos algorithm to avoid moiré artifacts in the downsized image, then follow-up with a very small radius (0.2-0.3) unsharp mask to correct for any interpolation-induced softening. On the other hand, the sinc algorithm is not widely supported and software which uses it is often not as user-friendly.

ImageMagick USM

Sharpening Using Image Magick

Most users will use the unsharp mask filter in the convert command. The option to invoke an unsharp mask looks like this

-unsharp <radius>{x<sigma>}{+<amount>}{+<threshold>}

That is, a radius is expected (or a leading “x” if omitted), followed by optional parameters sigma, amount and threshold. [Note that there is also a -sharpen option to convert. This is not an alias for -unsharp, and (I'm pretty sure) employs a different sharpening routine internally.]

A typical call to convert might look something like the following:

$ convert ... -unsharp 1.5x1.2+1.0+0.10 <input file> <output file>

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Image Resize
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