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  • Updated Layout to make it more user-friendly.
  • It also prevent the problem of one RSS problem affecting all
  • It gives it a bit more focus to the person, thus giving it a bit more focus.
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Adam S. Kirschner

SML Wiki: Adam. S. Kirschner
Adam S. Kirschner: Blog - Subscribe to feed

Alex Rainert: Team Kane Street

SML Wiki: Alex Rainert
Team Kane Street - Subscribe to feed

Damian McCleod: What The @#$%&*!

SML Wiki: Damian McCleod
What The @#$%&*! - Subscribe to feed

Jeff Durland: Sophistry

SML Wiki: Jeff Durland
Sophistry - Subscribe to feed

Jeff Herz: My View of the World

SML Wiki: Jeff Herz
My View of the World - Subscribe to feed

Jeff Lipson: We're Going to Cover That in Phase 2

SML Wiki: Jeff Lipson
We're Going to Cover That in Phase 2 - Subscribe to feed

John Federico: BrandBrains

SML Wiki: John Federico
http://johnfederico.brandbrains.net - Subscribe to feed

See-ming Lee: SML Ideas

SML Wiki: See-ming Lee
http://ideas.seeminglee.com - Subscribe to feed

See-ming Lee: SML Notebook

SML Wiki: See-ming Lee
http://notebook.seeminglee.com - Subscribe to feed

See-ming Lee: SML Photo Blog

SML Wiki: See-ming Lee
http://photoblog.seeminglee.com - Subscribe to feed

See-ming Lee: SML Pro Blog

SML Wiki: See-ming Lee
http://blog.seeminglee.com - Subscribe to feed

Toby Vann: 649 6th

SML Wiki: Toby Vann
http://mokindo.typepad.com/ - Subscribe to feed

Change Log

  • 2008-01-15T18:50:00
    • Apparnelty indenting in Wikidot loses YouTube video embeds. Removing indents as a result.
  • 2007-10-27T23:22:00
    • I figured out what's happening with the date on Yahoo Pipes now. It has to do with different feeds using different date formats. We're back online with latest post as a result :)




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